This page is meant for us to share interesting and exciting sites we can use in our classroom.

If you would like to share a site, show it to your teacher and together you will add it to this page for all to use!!Here's some examples to start!!!CoolText
ABCYYA-for 3rd Grade

WallWisher-Share your thoughts using WallWisher. It's like a digital jot lot! You can save all your jots for one book right on-line! Presentation ToolsPrezi Use Prezi to make interesting and informative presentations
Museum Box Try to create your own virtual museum about a favorite topic of your choice!
Vocaroo Use this site to make your own audio recording that you can share and upload to your creativity page!!

Word Clouds: Use either site below to turn vocabulary words into creative works of art!Tagxedo and Wordle should only be visited with adult supervsion!!!!
Wordle Here's a sample word cloud I created about 3rd grade!!
Free Pics and Clipart with Attribution