Welcome to room 4!!
Date: June 1, 2013
From: Mrs. Broz

Odyssey/Compass Learning: Hooray! Compass Learning will be available ALL summer! The district now has a full license so there are there should be no issues with students being blocked due to lack of availability. Also, as Odyssey is connected to our NWEA assessments the differentiated activities for your child will be updated (if they haven't been already) to reflect their new learning goals based on their new assessment data. Using this tool for math and language arts throughout the summer will definitely give your child a great start into the next school year.

Math: In math, we are exploring different types of measurement including measures of time. This week, we focused on elapsed time activities. Next week, we will look at capacity and weight. I highly recommend that your child continue with fact practice at home for the rest of the school year and over the summer. Accuracy and automaticity of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and divsion facts will be of great importance as your child continues into fourth grade.

Reading Logs: Please make sure your child's reading log is up-to-date throught the month of May. Report cards will be marked very soon and the section regarding at home reading will reflect the records kept on the wiki log.

Reading: Currently, your child is reading Trickster Tales and creating story maps of what has been read. These maps help to strengthen understanding of the literary elements of fiction and assist in theability to summarize text.

Over the summer, you can support your child's reading comprehension at home by making sure they read EVERYDAY! It is also important to keep talking to them about the books they reading. Earlier this year, I sent home a packet of ways to talk to your child using thick questions and how to go deeper with character discussions. Just in case those items didn't make it home, I have included them digitally below.

Writing: The kids are working in partnerships/small groups to plan their children's health PSA's. At this time, they have identified goals, organized facts, and brainstormed possible scenarios to film. We should begin filming by the end of next week.

Social Studies: In our current unit, your child is learning about basic concept of economics by exploring the unique Michigan economy. At this time, we have discussed different types of resources, supply, demand, scaricity, choices, and opportunity cost. We have also looked at the industries of Michigan which create the most jobs and bring in the most money to our state.

Important Dates:

  • June 3-Baldwin Library visit
  • June 5-Field Day
  • June 7-Field Day rain date
  • June 10-Move-up Day
  • June 11-3rd Grade End-Year Celebration 1:30-3:00