Our Classroom Wish List

Below is a list of things we would like for our classroom.
Please consider donating the listed items at any time during the school year. They're great to send instead of a birthday treat.

Thank you,
Mrs. Broz and the third graders

1. Age appropriate novels. (any novels geared for 2nd to 5th graders)

Think of the kinds of books your child enjoys reading. Kids love to find new additions to our classroom library!

2. Age appropriate board games.
Examples: (There are many other wonderful strategy based games that aren't on this list. Don't feel obligated to stick to the items on this list! We LOVE to learn about new games!!!)

4 Way Count Down
Countdown and Spellup
Snap-it-Up (+/-)and/or (x)
Jenga or Jumbling towers
Master Mind
Connect 4
Guess Who
Traffic Jam
(1 or 2 player) Head full of numbers.
"Think Fun" activities (usally found at Barnes and Noble)