My Turkey Journal

Please have your turkey answer the following questions in the chart below.

Turkey's Name
lu,lu town
Favorite Movie
james bond
Favorite Sport
Favorite Book
cam janson
Favorite Color
13 ft
Eye Color
Feather Colors
Best Character Trait
Most Embarrassing Moment
feather fell
Best Memory
Awards Won
soft ball
Plans for the Future
to be a star


Add your nightly journal entries below. Be sure to include the date and a complete paragraph! Have fun!
1. One entry must be written each night.
2. All journal entries must be neat, complete, and on time.
3. All journal entries must begin with the date.
4. Your journal must be written from your turkey's point of view. Pretend you are your turkey. What would your turkey do, think about, say...etc.
5. Your entry should be creative, but sound like it could happen. Think about what your turkey would do at school with you and without you.
6. While you must be creative, please make sure it is school appropriate. (i.e. no blood, guts, fighting, or weapons)
7. Each entry must include a topic sentence that explains what kind of day you had, three or more detail sentences that explain what happened to you, and a conclusion sentence. (at least 5 sentences total)
8.Make sure you are checking your entries for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Journal Entry
November 13
it was the 13 of november. it was the first day of school we where doing arts and crafts. we where makeing turkeys.I was about to make my feathers but i got a feather stuck to me uo,uo. i got a feather stuck to me so I was about to go to the bathroom but popcorn said what happen. I got a feather stuck to me well let me so i went to the barthroom and i heard a bock couck mock i said what the heck. There is a turkey in hear all of suden the turkey said my name is lu lu please is dont tell on me it is turckey shooting season i dont want to be on a plater on thanksgiving.
November 14
Dear Journal,
It was the14 of November. I was looking around my house that Ashleigh made. "GET ME OUT OF HERE! This is so boring" I thought. So then the top of my house opened. "Why are you yelling?" ask Ashleigh. "Because I'm bored!" I told her. I look and say she was eating turkey! "YOU'RE EATING TURKEY!" I yelled. "THAT IS NOT TURKEY. It's chicken, " Ashleigh told me. When I realized it wasn't tureky, I decided to have dinner with Ashleigh and her family. After dinner, I read the Three Little pigs. I love this book!
November 15
Dear journal, I went with rachel to her house. I went to my own house and it was time for my friend Ashleigh to go home. Giselle's turkey slept at my house and rachel slept over. we had a rico party and danced the night away. we stayed passed my bedtime. We had lots of snacks! Good night see you tomorrow.
November 16
Dear journal. today I had the best day of my life. last night I got to party it up with all of my friends and stay past my bed time. and do what ever I whant. when I got home I played with fred. we piayed with a nother friend to. her name is poly we love to piay just dance. and then it was time to eat grild chese. and that was the best night ever.
November 19
Dear Journal.Today I had the best day ever isabella sleptover we had a big dico dance. Then we had diner isbella got woud because we eat chicken but she thout it was her aunt was the chicken.I said" it is not your aunt" then when it was bed time to go to bed we had a dance party but we got cught then I had to go to bed.and that was the best day of my life. the end
November 20
Dear journal. Today I had a bad day. I spilled whater on my pants and evre body laughed. I cried then I got a kleenex and went back to my seat.Then I heard a voice and the voice said it's okay. Then it was time to do math and at math time I loarnd new things. then when it was reading time, I could'nt read my book. That was the worst day
November 21
Dear Mrs.Broz, I do not think you should eat me. These are my reasons: 1. I do yoga five days a week. 2. I am very fit and do not have a lot of meat on my bones. 3. Become a vegetarian and eat healthy . 4. I am too fast and you can't catch me! Eat another turkey!!! Happy Thanksgiving
Lu, Lu Lemon
November 22