Gee, I Hope I Get Gla sses!!!

It was a frizzing day .I went with my brother, mom, dad, cousin. It took a while but we got to the eye doctor ‘’I thought the building would be bigger ‘’. When I got in the building we walked up the stairs quietly. I saw a lot of people. ‘’I was so scared ‘’.It was my turn I got in the room. I waited for a long time in the room .the room was so cool .there were a lot of stuff I could things there were a lot of fragile stuff to. I really wanted to touch all of it. But my mom said ’’no no!’’

I was very angry. then my I doctor said ’’put your eyes in this ‘’I did not know what it was so I put my eyes in it .So I was scared to put my eyes in it. Some was blurry others was not. It was kind of fun. I got a bad sign I had a nerves filing. I had to get eye drops it was scary and it burned my eyes. Thus eye drops made me cry I had to get a Kleenex. They made me take a eye test I had to tell them what I saw. It was so easy.

I was so happy to get the final stuff and………..I had to get glasses!!.I was so surprised then they gave me these cool sun glasses they were so cool. I so surprised