Story Title and Author:
Aunt fox and the fried fish by: Rafael Rivero Oramas
Character 1
Name and Character Traits: Aunt fox is a funny trickster. She tricks uncle tiger and uncle fox in a silly way. Aunt Fox is clever, ridicoulslly silly, and tricky.

Character 2 and 3
Name and Character Traits: Uncle Fox and Uncle Tiger are the ones who got tricked. Uncle Tiger is very gulible. Uncle Fox is very confused.

Time: dinner time
Place:At Aunt Fox and Uncle Fox house.
Description (sights, smells, feeling) It smaells like juicy red, orange and blue fish. It looks like licked clean plates and Aunt Fox licking her paws clean so Uncle Fox and Uncle Tiger don't know she ate the fish.
What does the main character want?
Aunt Fox wants Uncle Fox and Uncle Tiger not knowing that Aunt Fox ate all there fish.
What is the problem? Why can't the main character get what s/he wants? Why does the trickster need to plan a trick?
Aunt Fox was tasting the delishous fish and acadentally ate all of it.
Event 1
First, Uncle Fox went fishing and cought three slimey fish for him, Aunt Fox, Uncle Tiger.
Event 2
Then, Aunt Fox cooked the fish then took a little bite of her fish to make sure it tasted good.
Aunt Fox ate all the fish and was not plesent with herself.
Event 3
Next, Aunt Fox thought of a trick that would trick Uncle Fox and Uncle Tiger. Uncle Tiger arrived at dinner time and that's when Aunt Fox srtuck her first trick on Uncle Fox. Aunt Fox went and asked Uncle Fox to go sharpen the knives for dinner outside. Then Aunt Fox tricked Uncle Tiger by saying " Uncle Fox is outside sharpening knives to cut yuor ears off!!!!"
How is the problem solved? How is the other character changed by the trickster's trick? What happens after the trick?
Finally, Uncle Tiger ran back to his house and not knowing that Aunt Fox played all those tricks on him. Uncle Fox never found out that Aunt Fox played the tricks on him and that she ate all the fish that he cought.
What is the lesson that was learned- That your should share what you have
In the story Aunt Fox and the fried fish, Aunt Fox was the main chareter and wanted Uncle Tiger and Uncle Fox not to know that she ate their fish. First, Aunt Fox told Uncle Fox to invite Uncle Tiger. Then, Aunt Fox grilled the three greasy large fish. After she finished cooking the fish then she saw how good the three large fish looked so then she promised to herself that she will only take a little nible off her own fish. After she was done chewing her little piece then she noticed that she ate all the three large fish! When Uncle Fox then brought home Uncle Tiger they were starving and ready to eat the three huge greasy fish. Then Aunt Fox noticed that Uncle Fox and Uncle Tiger had came back and Aunt Fox had a trick ready for Uncle Fox. The first trick was that Aunt Fox whispered to Uncle Fox " please go sharpen the knives outside." So Uncle Fox went outside and started to sharpen the knives. When Aunt Fox saw Uncle Tiger waitng for the fish at the dinner table she thought of another trick for Uncle Tiger. The trick was that Aunt Fox told Uncle Tiger ," Uncle fox is going to cut off your ears with the knives that Uncle Fox just sharpen. After Aunt Fox said that to Uncle Tiger, then Uncle Tiger darted off back to his house and never returned back to the Foxes house ever again.