Story Title and Author:

Character 1
Name and Character Traits:aunt fox is nice and caring but a little sneaky

Character 2and3
Name and Character Traits:uncle fox is very consideret when it comes to sharing, uncle Tiger is very guluble

Time:dinner time
Place:aunt foxes house
Description (sights, smells, feeling)it smeels like realy yummy cat fish.
What does the main character want?
Aunt Fox wants to get away with eating all the fish
What is the problem? Why can't the main character get what s/he wants? Why does the trickster need to plan a trick?
Aunt Fox needs to plan a trick so Uncle Fox won`t get mad at auntFox for eating all the fish

Event 1
First,uncle fox cought some fish

Event 2
Then, he went home and told aunt fox he cought some fish and it would be nice to invite uncle tiger over for dinner so uncle fox went to get uncle tiger.

Event 3
Next aunt tiger cooked the fish and tasted it and then she ate the whole thing and then tasted uncle foxes and ate it then there was one left and then she looked at the last fish and ate it.
How is the problem solved? How is the other character changed by the trickster's trick? What happens after the trick?
Finally, uncle fox came home and all the fish was gone so aunt fox told uncle fox "the fish is old and tough go out back and sharpen the knives" and then when uncle fox ws outside aunt fox told uncle tiger "do you here that? Thats my husband sharpening knives to cut of your ears he wants to eat them run before he comes back inside" then uncle tiger ran away when uncle fox came in aunt fox said" uncle tiger ran away with all the fish!" And so uncle fox ran out side and said"come back can I atleast have 1."
What is the lesson that was learned dont eat all the fod when you have a guest.
summary,First Uncle Fox cought some fish and he went home and told Aunt Fox that , "we should invite Uncle Tiger over for dinner", while Uncle Fox was getting Uncle Tiger, Aunt Fox was cooking the big colorful fish. She thought should taste the fish, in no time she ate all the greesy fish because it was so good. Seconds later Uncle Fox was home with Uncle Tiger, Aunt Fox needed a trick for Uncle Fox so she wouldn`t get in trouble for eating all the fish. So Aunt Fox told Uncle fox to go outside and sharpen the knives. Aunt Fox said to Uncle tiger " do you here that thats my husband sharpening knives to cut of your ears and eat them."Uncle Tiger ran of and Aunt Fox told Uncle Fox "Uncle Tiger ran of with all fish." Then Uncle Fox went outside and yelled to Uncle Tiger "come back can i atleast have one. After that Uncle Tiger never returned to the Fox`s house again.